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I am a Digital Artist and Game Developer living in Phoenix, Arizona. My passion is creating interactive art for digital media and games. I have been making art my whole life, and have been a full-time professional artist for 6 years.


I have worked in video game production in both Unreal Engine and Unity Engine including their VR Platforms. I am currently employed by Improvement Interactive Incorporated in the ongoing E-Sports cycling project CADEsport, which endeavors to create a combination of competitive sports and interactive entertainment.


I am also accepting commissions for my digital work. I will also be making and selling my fine art prints online and at art events in Phoenix. I am a Tabletop Roleplaying Game artist, designer, tester, and avid player/storyteller. In my spare time, I am a Judoka, HEMA Fencing Instructor, Gamer, and Weightlifter.

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