I am a Digital Artist and Game Developer living in Phoenix, Arizona. My passion is creating interactive art for digital media and games. I have been making art my whole life, and pursued it into my college education. I began my studies as a Studio Art Major, and set my sights on entering Wichita State University’s Drawing Program.

After two years, I wasn’t satisfied with the environment or direction that the Studio Art program was taking me. I was inspired by the renaissance that the next generation of video game systems had brought to people everywhere. I moved to Arizona to pursue Collins College's Game Production Program where I entered into the world of digital art.

I was entrenched in traditional media but grew to love to flexibility and ever evolving paradigm of the digital frontier. I learned to draw and sculpt with pixels and vertices instead of graphite and clay. For me it is incredibly exciting to see this new world of computer science and art intertwining. This combination allows for awesome and beautiful works, as well as the ability for them interact with an audience in profound ways that they will never forget. 


This intertwining entered it's next progression with Virtual Reality. I began to intern and work at TIMEFIRE VR, a virtual reality startup attempting to create the world's first virtual city, Hypatia. Here I began a fast paced apprenticeship in the newest medium of interactive art. I helped to create virtual environments in which people around the world could interact, create, and live in together. This was in the hope of fostering a positive place for people to gather despite geographical and cultural barriers. I continue to create in this medium in order to help define the conventions of this fascinating art form.

Currently I am employed by Improvement Interactive in the ongoing E-Sports cycling project CADEsport, which endeavors to create a combination of competitive sports and interactive entertainment. I also accept commissions for my digital work and make and sell prints of my fine art online and in art events in Phoenix.